Audit for the latest ADCARE – University Hospital Lyon Sud

The University Hospital Lyon Sud Atopic Dermatitis centre belongs to the Allergology and Clinical immunology Department, Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL), France. On a daily basis, the center assesses how satisfied the patients are with the work of the center. University Hospital Lyon Sud staff are expert in the current version of the international guidelines and the centre’s approach to Atopic Dermatitis is based on guideline recommendations. Physicians also support and educate patients and caregivers in the use of prevention strategies, e.g. skin care, and in certain patient’s air and food allergen avoidance, encasing, psychological therapy. For that, a dedicated Atopic Dermatitis therapeutic education program is lead in the department. The ADCARE Audit took place on 11.09.2018 was a complete success! We are very proud to have the University Hospital Lyon Sud on board as a full ADCARE Centre. Congratulations!

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