Día Mundial de la Dermatitis Atópica

On 14.09.2020, starting at 20:00 a webinar will be held in support of the World day of Atopic Dermatitis. The webinar will be in Spanish and will give exciting information on updates, clinical cases and medical treatments including information on the ADCARE Networkwhich is much needed in order to combat this widespread disease.

Speakers include Prof. Luis Filipe Enisa from the Federal university of São Paulo ADCARE Centre, Dr. Roxana Di Leo, Prof. Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda from Ecuador, Dr. Gabriela Alvarez, Dr. Lucretia Fortunato and introduced and coordinated by Prof. German Dario Ramón from the ADCARE Centre Instituto de Alergia e Inmunología del Sur (IAIS) in Argentina.

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