First ADCARE in Brazil – CPAlpha Clinical Research Center

Congratulations to CPAlpha CRC

ADCARE can now be found in Brazil! Head of Dept. at CPAlpha Clinical Research Center is Dr. Luis Ensina. CPAlpha is the clinical research unit of Alergoalpha Allergy Clinic, where multiple doctors work on different shifts in order to cover the ever growing allergy patient’s needs. Additionally, there are specialized trained nurses with expert knowledge in Urticaria and Atopic Dermatitis.

All standard tests are performed, including oral provocation tests with drugs and food, as well as clinical trials. The complete clinical infrastructure is “state-of-the-art”. In addition, for high-risk procedures and hospitalizations the center staff utilize the Hospital Sírio-Libanes.

This centre has special clinical hours, where patients are seen in person by the head of dept., for complicated urticaria cases, as well as complicated Atopic Dermatitis cases being seen on other days.

ADCARE is proud to welcome its newest family member and we congratulate CPAlpha on its excellent structure and ongoing success.

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