Leipzig LICA successful ADCARE audit

Leipzig ADCARE gave excellent audit results and we welcome LICA to ADCARE

LICA is an interdisciplinary institution comprised and lead by the department of dermatology and allergy under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Regina Treudler including the department of pediatrics, dept. of ENT, dept. of laboratory medicine and the department of dentistry.

They are supported by the administration of the hospital and during the audit, also the member of the administration as well as the central QM system and the central nursing administration were present. 

This dedicated special clinics for Atopic Dermatitis is offered at the department of dermatology in close collaboration with the department of pediatrics and other members of the LICA.  Overall, Prof. Zuberbier stated that he met a truly dedicated team of physicians and the on-site inspections revealed fully functioning units and all criteria were fulfilled. We thank Prof. Zuberbier for his time in auditing this excellent centre and we are deligthed to certify this centre for ADCARE ! Congratulations!

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