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  • AUDIT at Charité Berlin, Germany

    On 6th September 2018, Prof Michael Makris audited the Charité in Berlin for ADCARE. Two departments were audited, the Department of Dermatology and the Charité Campus Clinic which both passed the…

  • AUDIT at the University Medical Center Utrecht

    On 5th September 2018, Prof. Margitta Worm certified our latest ADCARE European Centre in The Netherlands,  the University Medical Center Utrecht as an ADCARE Centre.  Firstly, there was a General introduction  by…

  • Bejing First Hospital – ADCARE certified centre

    Bejing First Hospital has now officially been ADCARE Certified. The audit took place on 13.07.2018 and was offically our first ADCARE centre in Asia. We congratulate the Bejing First Hospital…

  • Odense University Hospital certified ADCARE Centre

    On 13.08.2018, Odense University Hospital, Department of Dermatology and Allergy Centre of the Odense University Hospital proudly became a GA²LEN ADCARE Centre. Join the ADCARE Network today! Sign up here to…

  • Klinikum Augsburg ADCARE Certified

    Klinikum Augsburg Certified! We are delighted to welcome Klinikum Augsburg to the GA²LEN ADCARE Network. This excellent centre has now been fully ceritifed by our ADCARE Auditor, Dr. Matthias Bräutigam…

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