DERMAtology PatIeNTs and HEalthcare Resources – Quantifying the Socio-EconomiC Burden and cosT.

The DERMA-INTERSECT project examines the socio-economic effects of atopic dermatitis (AD) and alopecia areata (AA). It assesses how available healthcare resources align with the needs of patients.

Both AD and AA patients face psychological challenges, leading to depression and anxiety across different age groups. AD adults commonly miss workdays, incurring higher healthcare expenses than matched controls due to outpatient services and pharmacy costs. AA patients also experience higher rates of absenteeism and unemployment, contributing to financial strain due to efforts to conceal their condition and frequent physician visits.

Understanding the socio-economic impact is crucial for developing targeted solutions to enhance the quality of life, alleviate financial burdens, and improve healthcare outcomes for AD and AA patients.

  • Aim: to evaluate the alignment between available healthcare resources and the comprehensive needs of these patients.

  • to provide insights and data to inform future treatment strategies by understanding the socio-economic burden of atopic dermatitis and alopecia

  • Project lead: Prof. Dr. Torsten Zuberbier, Dr. Katarina Stevanovic and Dr. Manuel Pereira

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